ARES - Digital on air/production mixing console

The new Mandozzi mixing console
  • Ergonomic, easy to learn user interface
  • Completely modular and configurable control surface
  • Immediate system overview and fast parameter access
  • From 4 to 48 channel P&G motorized faders
  • The heart of the system is the new MANDOZZI Core engine BEA3X
  • Modular DSP structure with 48 full processed I/O signal for every DSP boards
  • Number of Bus Out, Aux sends, N-x completely programable from the user
  • Programmable user authorization system
  • Monitoring and talkback system
  • I/O sharing and control sharing with other MANDOZZI Ares System



ARES is the NEW Mandozzi modular system to create custom control surface, I/O configuration and a DSP power of your digital audio network in broadcast applications.

With Ares System is possible to customize your operational setup choosing between several different configuration of control surface, number of Input and Output and DSP power.

It is possible to have studio-desk built-in modules, desktop modules or fixed frame version in order to create optimized version of a control surface depending on the applications.


There are 5 different modules that you can choose to create your control surface configuration depending on different applications from a basic fast operation On Air Version to a full optional version for production and live broadcast purpose.


  • 4 P&G Motorized fader
  • 4 conifigurable knob with push function
  • 16 configurable push botton
  • Integrated 7" touch screen function recall and function parameters modifications: Eq, Dyn, Input Channel, Busses Assign, Aux, N-x


  • Additional 7" touch screen function recall and function parameters modifications: Eq, Dyn, Input Channel, Busses Assign, Aux, N-x, Metering


  • Central 10" touch screen panel
  • Monitor function
  • Talkback function
  • Snapshot Recall
  • USB In
  • Talkback Mic In
  • Headphone Out
  • 4 rotary knob with custom functionality


  • 15" touch screen panel PC
  • System configuration
  • Ares software management
  • Custom User Interface
  • Total operation management


  • 1 P&G not motorized fader
  • 4 configurable knob with push function
  • 10 configurable push buttons
  • Custom User Interface
  • Integrated 7" touch screen function recall and function parameters modifications: talkback, monitor selection


BEA3X is the heart of Ares System. It is a totally configurable engine with modular structure.

It is possible to fix how much DSP power is needed and how many I/O cards are required for any kind of applications. Every unit can be connected in a network and it is possible to share audio and controls.

BEA3X is a 19" 2 RU Engine with control system signal processing and audio interface with integrated routing system with up to 4096x4096 I/O cross point.

BEA3X has a modular DSP structure, every DSP card is able to manage 48 channel processing, you can use how many DSP cards as required from the specifications of the system that you need. It is possible to assign chain of complete processing for each Input channel and every Output channel:

  • 4 band parametric Eq
  • Compressor
  • Expander Gate
  • De-Esser
  • Delay

In the front pannel a touch LCD is avaiable to manage immediately the parameter that you want to check. Headphone output to monitor one of the selected I/O channels and the double hot swap power supply system.

Every BEA3X has a integrated DANTE Audio Over Ip digital transportation system and BEALINX integrated board with 512 proprietary audio signal bus.


  • AES/EBU I/O Card: 8 AES/EBU In - 8 AES/EBU Out
  • AES/EBU Out card: 16 AES/EBU Out
  • Mic/Line Input Card: 8 Mic/Line In
  • Analog Input Card: 16 Line In
  • Analog Output Card: 16 Line Out
  • Dante AES67: up to 2x 64 I/O ch
  • MADI I/O Card: up to 4x64 I/O ch
  • DSP Card: 48 Fully Processed I/O Channels
  • Codec Card: IP Codec Mpeg ,AAC, Opus
  • GPIO Card: 12 GPI / 12 GPO
  • GPO Card: 24 GPO


Big On Air And Production Studio

Mandozzi’s ARES makes it possible generating a configuration and creating a perfect setup for both On-Air and Production Applications.

The Broadcaster can reach up to 48 faders, with fader screen modules too, thus translating in the Sound Engineer having in front of him/her a Complete Visualization System and full control over all the Mixing Console parameters.


Simple On-Air Studio

The Radio Broadcaster can create a smart setup with only 8 fader control surfaces for fast On-Air tasks, but is also able to control and manage up to 48 channels at the same time.


News Production Studio

News Readers and Journalists can benefit from Mandozzi’s ARES making it possible to realize a very simple control surface using nothing but one Central Module for their Audio Application needs. Furthermore, using DANTE I/O Connection the Broadcaster is able to manage up to 16 I/O channels. Design your own Virtual Control Surface and use a 10” Touch Panel to control all the parameters you need . It has never been so easy, really!


Star Connection System

Mandozzi’s ARES let’s you create a complex connection configuration between a DSP/Core Bea3X System, acting as a Central Router, and many different On-Air and Production Studios. Each studio is connected to the very same Network, both for the management and the control, and can be connected to the central routing system via MADI or DANTE or AES/EBU or through an Analog connection. The ARES Management Software makes it possible sharing controls and audio channel with all the connected studios.


System with Double Ring Connection

Mandozzi’s R&D Department has created his own proprietary Digital Audio Transportation Bus, the “BeaLinks”. This audio transportation system let you connect as many On-Air/Production Studios as you want with 512 I/O Channels at the same time, in a double ring mode. This way, if unlikely one DSP/Core fails, the 512 I/O Channels are still available following the opposite direction. This concept highly increases the redundancy level of your Broadcaster configuration.



HQ Mic Conditions/Details Value
General Conditions Gain setting 15dBu 0 dBFS
Impedance Electronically balanced >= 1kΩ
Gain For 0 dBFS 0 to 78 dB
Maximum Input Level 0 dB gain, Rsource = 50Ω + 15 dBu
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 kHz, 40 dB gain +/- 0.1 dB
THD + Noise 1 kHz, -9 dBFS (nominal level) <= -98 dB
CMRR 1 kHz, -11 dB to +40 dB gain 60 dB
Crosstalk 1 kHz (nominal level) <= -110 dB
SwitchableHigh-Pass Filter 75 Hz -3 dB
Line Inputs Conditions/Details Value
Maximum Input Level 0 dB gain, Rsource = 50Ω + 15 dBu
Impedance Electronically balanced >= 4.7 kΩ
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 kHz, 40 dB gain +/- 0.15 dB
THD + Noise 1 kHz, -9 dBFS (nominal level) <= -107 dB
Crosstalk 1 kHz (nominal level) <= -120 dB
Line Outputs Conditions/Details Value
Output Level RL >= 600Ω + 15 dBu
Impedance Electronically balanced 50 Ω
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 0.25 dB
THD + Noise 1 kHz, -1 dBFS (nominal level) -90 dB
Crosstalk 1 kHz (nominal level) <= -115 dB
AES/EBU Inputs Conditions/Details Value
Impedance 110 Ω
Sensitivity Min. 0.2 VRMS
SRC Range 22 – 108 kHz
AES/EBU Outputs Conditions/Details Value
Impedance 110 Ω
Level Into 110 Ω 3.0 VRM
SRC Range 22 – 108 kHz

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ARES - Data Sheet
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