Audio Routers

BEA3X - The universal audio expansion

The universal audio expansion
  • 19" 2 RU Engine with control system signal processing and audio interface
  • Integrated Routing System with up to 4096 x 4096 I/O
  • Modular DSP structure. 48 channel full processing for each DSP board
  • Changeover functionality
  • Redundant Hot Swap PSU
  • Touch display
  • Monitor Out
  • DANTE integrated AoIP board
  • BEALINX integrated board with 512 audio signal bus
  • HTML 5 web interface



BEA3X is a totally configurable Input and Ouput engine with DSP modular structure. It is possible to fix how much DSP power is needed and how many I/O cards are required for any kind of applications. Every unit can be connected in a network and it is possible to share audio and controls. BEA3X is a 19” 2 RU Engine with control system signal processing and audio interface with integrated routing system with up to 4096x4096 I/O cross point.

BEA3X has a modular DSP structure, every DSP card is able to manage 48 channel processing, you can use how many DSP cards as required from the specifications of the system that you need.
It is possible to assign chain of complete processing for each Input channel and every Output channel: 4 band parametric Eq ,Compressor,Expander Gate,De-Esser and Delay are completely programmable and fully assignable to each I/O channels.

In the front pannel a touch LCD is avaiable to manage immediately the parameter that you want to check, Headphone output to monitor one of the selected I/O channels and the double hot swap power supply system. Every BEA3X has a integrated DANTE Audio Over Ip digital transportation system and BEALINX integrated board with 512 propietary audio signal bus.

Audio Cards


  • AES/EBU I/O Card: 8 AES/EBU In
    8 AES/EBU Out
  • AES/EBU Out card: 16 AES/EBU Out
  • Mic/Line Input Card: 8 Mic/Line In
  • Analog Input Card: 16 Line In
  • Analog Output Card: 16 Line Out
  • Dante AES67: up to 2x 64 I/O ch
  • MADI I/O Card: up to 4x64 I/O ch
  • DSP Card: 48 Fully Processed I/O Channels
  • Codec Card: IP Codec Mpeg, AAC, Opus
  • GPIO Card: 12 GPI / 12 GPO
  • GPO Card: 24 GPO


The universal audio expansion: The ease of using BEA3X makes it a precious tool: the sophisticated, easy to use technical features are ideal for self operators and sound technicians who can manage several interacting studios. BEA3X can also be connected to a Mandozzi audio router to create a network of interacting mixers.







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BEA3X - Data Sheet
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