CIMIX - Digital Compact On-Air Audio Mixers

The ideal mixer for radio broadcasting
  • Easy to use touch screen design
  • Solid and compact aluminium body
  • Multifunctional OLED display
  • The functions of the keys and knobs can be configured by the user
  • Save and load personal accounts and settings
  • Direct access to audio setup and editor windows
  • Easy and fast choice of busses
  • Compact 1HU - 19 inch frame with DSP engine and matrix system
  • Integrated headphone and mic preamps with Phantom power
  • Programmable GPIO
  • DANTE - AES67 and MADI compatibility
  • Redundant hot swap power supply


CIMIX Digital Compact On-Air Audio Mixers

CiMix is a "stand alone" mixer that can be integrated into the successful Mandozzi Radio House Concept and it is available in a comfortable "table-top" body or in a 4 channel modular version with central unit

CiMix is the ideal mixer for radio broadcasting: based on the year long experience Mandozzi has gained with the digital Gimix and Serix mixers, the company supplies a new mixer that offers the same operational features as the larger mixers. CiMix is the ideal broadcasting solution due to its comfortable control facilities and touch screen surfaces. The ease of using CiMix makes it a precious tool: the sophisticated, easy to use technical features are ideal for self operators and sound technicians who can manage several interacting studios. CiMix can also be connected to a Mandozzi audio router to create a network of interacting mixers.

CiMix is composed of a solid aluminium console with 12 faders and a multipurpose touch screen. The central processor with the switching and DSP circuits are built into a 19 inch frame of 1HU (44.1 mm). Both devices are equipped with redundant power supply units easily replaceable during the use of the mixer. Available also in a 4 channel modular version with central unit.

Available Download(s):

Data Sheet

CIMIX - Data Sheet
(MD5: C1CCCCC505CFD47FBE345F2BE6615340)

User Manual

CIMIX - User Manual
(MD5: 845E7B06DCCF9CCFC2EE4C0A028CBC81)

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