Mandozzi Elettronica's R & D

Mandozzi has an own proper workshop, an assembly department and a completely new testing department to verify equipment functionality before delivery phase gives MANDOZZI a complete control over the manifacturing.

Specialized technicians work with both the latest instruments and software suites.

More than 50 years of experience and a highly specialized R&D department, equipped with the best simulation, testing and synthesis software, guarantees quality in every phase a project consist of (PCB design, software, signal processing).

The Company’s core business are Digital Audio Mixing Consoles.

In the last years, through partnerships with Elber R&D department and strategic investments, new projects have been opened to create digital audio managing systems with audio I/O and controls sharing and HW/SW modular concept.

High scalability, high performance and high efficiency are the main goals that MANDOZZI achieved.

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