Audio Routers

IDEA - Central Audio Routers

Central Audio Routers
  • Control processor, crosspoints, clock generator, DSPs, audio and control busses, power supply modules
  • The two halves of the redundant router can be installed in two separate rooms
  • Switches the right and the left input channels independently to any right or left output
  • Stereo signals, Surround Sound signals and any other signal group can be switched by one single command
  • Interfaces: AES/EBU, Analogue, MADI, 2 Mbps, IP, CAT5, Gigabit optical, SDI embedder/de-embedder
  • DSP: Signal sums, Fade in/fade out, crossfade, Filters, Compressors/expanders, Level measuring, Level monitoring, Surround sound to stereo conversion, Delays, Test tone generators
  • Software: Switching functions upon programmable events, Sophisticated scheduling functions, Conflict and compatibility tests performed automatically, Remote control via GPIO, IP, RS232, SNMP reporting


IDEA Central Audio Routers

The audio matrices IDEA developed and manufactured by Mandozzi Elettronica SA are ideal for all customers who are looking for systems that perform more than just simple X/Y connections, but intelligent switching functions and audio signal processing. They are designed to be used as main central matrix of a radio house, or to serve a large number of mixers.

The 19" frames with the audio and GPIO interface modules can either be installed into the matrix cabinet or into external concentrators that are connected to the matrix via ATM or Gigabit optical fibres or via CAT5 cables. Thes connections can be redundant with an automatic switchover in case of a connection failure.

A network of several interacting matrices can be realised. The system is controlled by one or several supervisor positions. The matrices and the control positions are interconnected via LAN.

IDEA is a fully digital audio routing switcher that offers a great number of various audio input and output interface module types. Input signals with any format (analogue, digital, 2 Mbps, IP, MADI, ATM, Gigabit) are converted to the internal standard of the routing switcher (48 kHz, 32 bit, according to AES/EBU), and the output signals can be presented to the customer in any format he requires. In order to increase the reliability even further, all vital modules are redundant: The power supply modules, “crosspoints”, central processors, clock generators, audio busses and control busses. The two halves of the redundant matrix can be installed in separate rooms for higher security. Every half of the redundant matrix can be redundant in itself, thus obtaining a double redundancy.

All desirable audio processing functions are realised inside the routing switcher by means of digital signal processors (DSP), and the number of DSPs installed is practically unlimited. The DSPs can also realise any mixer console functions required.

DANTE4 card

After a long experience in Audio over IP technologies with the well known UMAC Audio Codec, Mandozzi have a new member in the I/O board family.

DANTE4 card

The new Dante TM Module provides up to 4 network ports with 64 mono channels each. Therefore one module can handle up to 256 audio signals. The module offers redundant network ports for maximum reliability. In the latest software version Dante TM also supports AES67 connections in order to guarantee the compatibility with a wider range of other 3rd party products. The new board can be implemented in all existing IDEA systems easily. It is compatible with multichannel modules like MADI or GIGM concentrator interfaces. If you are interested in this new development, please send us a feedback and we will be happy to provide more information and recommendations for implementation. Dante TM is a trade mark by Audinate Pty Ltd

  • Audio Over IP interface
  • Up to 256 audio signals
  • Redundant CAT5 connections
  • Totally integrated into the IDEA intelligent matrices system

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