Mandozzi Elettronica's main Targets

Customers' satisfaction first! Mandozzi Elettronica SA is known for its deep and broad know-how, the global view of complex problems and the innovative and efficient realisation of new tasks.

It has developed, as a complement to the main fields of activity, a high-tech engineering activity that has allowed to steadily increase and update the technological know-how on the job.

In co-operation with the Customers, the company has developed a great number of special products and systems in the fields of analogue and digital signal transmission and processing.

The enterprise's mission is to continue to satisfy the Clients by supplying high-quality, custom-defined products and assuring an impeccable after sales service.

Mission | Mandozzi Elettronica

The SERIX mixers are autonomous consoles with their own matrix and DSP. They can work as stand-alone mixers as well as in a system with a central matrix, where the mixers interact.

The modular 2 Mbps COMBIMUX codecs are used to create contribution and distribution networks.

The versatile audio over IP codecs UMAC can be supplied as external, autonomous codecs installed into cabinets, with power supply, for 1 up to 10 codecs, or as interface modules in Mandozzi's matrices and mixers. In this case, up to 16 codecs can be installed into a 19" cabinet of 3 RU. The UMAC codec is also an integral part of the REPORTER TWO arena mixer.

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