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Mandozzi Elettronica SA is proud to have satisfied Customers all over Europe and beyond, from Portugal to Serbia, and from Norway to Algeria. They all appreciate the reliability and ease of operation of the Mandozzi products:

The redundant IDEA matrices are more than just X/Y switches; they create scheduled connections and perform audio signal processing including all mixer functions. IDEA matrices are used as central switches in radio houses or as national switching centres.

The GMIX mixers work with a central matrix that contains their switching and signal processing circuits as well as all audio and GPIO interfaces. The mixer surfaces work as remote control elements of the matrix functions. This architecture creates a system of interconnected and interacting mixers.

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The SERIX mixers are autonomous consoles with their own matrix and DSP. They can work as stand-alone mixers as well as in a system with a central matrix, where the mixers interact.

The modular 2 Mbps COMBIMUX codecs are used to create contribution and distribution networks.

The versatile audio over IP codecs UMAC can be supplied as external, autonomous codecs installed into cabinets, with power supply, for 1 up to 10 codecs, or as interface modules in Mandozzi's matrices and mixers. In this case, up to 16 codecs can be installed into a 19" cabinet of 3 RU. The UMAC codec is also an integral part of the REPORTER TWO arena mixer.

A few examples of audio systems Mandozzi Elettronica has realized so far:

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