Software - The universal Mandozzi's management software

Mandozzi Elettronica’s Software Tools specifically designed for the Radio Operator’s task.

ARES Management System

Complete Software package to configure, manage and control a complete audio infrastructure for broadcast application. With ARES Management System application installed in your laptop you can make setup and manage audio I/O and controls in the same ARES mixing console network.

BEA3X Router Management System

Complete Software package to configure an audio 4096x 4096 I/O modular routing system.

Main available functions:


Change Over

Silence detection system

DSP: Delay, Eq, Dynamic management system

Alarm surveillance system

Software | BEA3X Router Management System

MACS Mandozzi Audio Conference System

The system perform telephone conference calls manually and automatically

Conference call participants are interconnected through both the private telephone network and the public telephone network with n-1 technology for conference calls.

When establishing a conference call, the system calls the participants if wanted 300 Simultaneously connected participants

The conference calls can be time-controlled. Totally redundant system

Software | MACS Mandozzi Audio Conference System
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