UMAC-C Codec Module

The new Mandozzi mixing console
  • Ergonomic, easy to learn user interface
  • Completely modular and configurable control surface
  • Immediate system overview and fast parameter access
  • From 4 to 48 channel P&G motorized faders
  • The heart of the system is the new MANDOZZI Core engine BEA3X
  • Modular DSP structure with 48 full processed I/O signal for every DSP boards
  • Number of Bus Out, Aux sends, N-x completely programable from the user
  • Programmable user authorization system
  • Monitoring and talkback system
  • I/O sharing and control sharing with other MANDOZZI Ares System



UMAC-C is a compact Audio over IP module that can be used in various applications, therefore it is called “Universal Multifunctional Audio Codec”. It is a small printed circuit board (100 x 115 mm) with micro controller/fieldprogrammable gate array/digital signal processor.

The UMAC basic module performs flexible, software programmable audio coding and signal management. It respects the EBU N/ACIP standards.

The module is mounted onto UMAC-C modules to realise stand alone Audio over IP codecs.

The UMAC-C modules are stand alone, autonomous audio over IP codecs. They are 4 HU modules similar to the COMBIMUX interface modules that are in operation by thousands in 2 Mbps contribution and distribution networks. The UMAC-C modules use the UMAC Basic Module to perform the codec and transmission functions.

UMAC-C carries all external connectors on its front panel: Two female XLR connectors for the audio input and two male XLR connectors for the audio output. The interfaces can be set by software for analogue or AES/EBU audio signals. The transmitted and received audio signals can be monitored on two separate 3 mm jack connectors with individual volume control by potentiometers.

Main features:

Basic UMAC Module

EBU N/ACIP compliance

Compression modes: OPUS, all AAC, APT-X, MPEG 1 L II and III, MPEG 2, G711, G722 and PCM

Compatible with LUCI

Software tool to update multiple UMACs via IP


Stand-alone IP codec

DT1: equipment with 1 UMAC-C and built-in power supply

DT11: equipment with 2 UMAC-C and built-in power supply

DT99: equipment with up to 10 UMAC-C and built-in redundant power supply

Easy, comfortable control with UMAC Control Centre or UMAC Client/Server software

Possible to work with redundant servers

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