Content Factory - Software

(Tool for generating RDS and DAB ancillary data, including pictures)


Content Factory

Tool for generating RDS and DAB ancillary data, including pictures
  • The Web server can be operated as a cluster
  • Support of programme regionalization
  • Generation of pictures
  • Exchange of ARD ZI ancillary data
  • Available in various languages


Content Factory - Software

The Content Factory is a further development of the RDS/DAB-Box product family. The first generation RDS/DAB Box has found a great acceptance for generating ancillary data for RDS, DAB, DVB-S and other radio programme distribution channels.

The modular concept with separate functions such as cycle generator, editing tool, import modules and live modules has been appreciated for a long time, but due to the introduction of a new data base and the possibility to operate by a Web interface, the creation of a new modern and future proof tool became possible.

Especially with the increasing interest of the editorial staff to use all possibilities for the generation and distribution of ancillary data, the disadvantage of the classical Windows application became evident, where the software has to be loaded and configured in every working position.

The Content Factory offers a much more comfortable solution. All editorial inputs and the configuration of the cyclic generators, filters and input modules can be realized at any working position by means of an Internet browser. The user rights concept allows the functions to be made accessible only for the authorized people.

The Content Factory realizes the functions of the existing RDS/DAB Box and of the PAD Projector as well as additional new features.

Main features:

The cycle generators support redundant installations

The Web server can be operated as a cluster

Web surface with central data base for several radio programmes

Support of programme regionalization

Any number of text domains can be generated

Changeable order of the radio texts in every domain

Cycle generators can be made dependent upon the distribution paths

Personal field modules can be generated

Possibility to automatically import the programme schedule

Content Spider imports existing contents

Generation of pictures

Pictures are output in scalable formats (up to HDTV)

Exchange of ARD ZI ancillary data

ZI matrix for the distribution of ZI data and control data

Logging and archiving functions for the transmitted contents

Available in various languages

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Content Factory - Software
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